Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Beach Reads

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Top Ten Books I'd Recommend as Good Beach Reads
So when I want a good beach read, I tend to go for something that's light and happy-ish. Not usually dystopian or tough-issue books. Something that's good and fun to read--but not too addicting. I mean, if I'm at the beach, I don't want to spend my whole time just reading on the sand!

Confessions of a Shopoholic by Sophie Kinsella

This is one of the cutest chick-lits I've ever read! It's quite fluffy and very hilarious. It makes for a pretty quick read and will definitely put a smile on your face!

This is book 2 of the Gallagher Girls series and, in my opinion, better than the first. This is such a cute and hilarious book full of adventure and cool spy assignments!

For times that I just crave a great mystery and even better suspense, this series is a go-to pick! And it takes place in a beach town!

Ah yes, another Sophie Kinsella book. I just can't help it! She just writes the cutest chick-lits! This is a perfect beach read.  

For when I'm craving more action in a book, Percy Jackson is my man!  All of the Percy Jackson books are great, hilarious reads jam-packed with adventure and mythology.

Jennifer Echols writes the best relationships and the concept of this one is great! It's full of great characters and pretty awesome romance! Plus, it's like perpetual summer in this book, which is perfect! 

Why? Because it's Anna and the French Kiss! It's got it all! Paris! Humor! Teenage drama! Etienne St. Clair!

This is one of those not-very-well-known books, which is SUCH a shame because it is a hidden gem! The protagonist is amazing and the plot line is intense. Also, there is a gorgeous boy. And butt-kicking awesomeness. Just saying. 

I really like Hex Hall for a beach reach because it's a pretty light book with lots of humor. Great for leisure-reading --but not too intense and serious to distract from a day at the beach.

This is one of the quirkiest, awesomest books I've EVER read. Also not-well-known which sucks because I want everyone to read this book and fall in love with it!


This is like the first book that usually pops into people's minds when they mention the word "summer." And I don't blame them--it's a great beach read, but unfortunately I personally didn't fall in love with this book, so it's a runner-up.


  1. Love this list! Half these books are on my TBR. My fave on here is the Gallagher Girl book :)

  2. Enjoyed reading your list. I need to read Riordan.

  3. Great list. Anna and the French Kiss seems to be on a lot lists. I really need to read it. I love the Percy Jackson series. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Yeeey for Anna and Sophie and Rebecca Bloomwood!! :) :) Awesome list Joie!! :) :) I would definitely all these books up for a beach day <3 :P :D Enjoy sweetie :)

  5. Percy Jackson and Hex Hall are both on my TBR list. Good list!


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