Friday, June 1, 2012

Follow Friday #1

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Yay! This is my first ever Feature and Follow and when I saw this week's question, I was super excited!

Q: You are a matchmaker-- your goal, hook up two characters from two of your favorite books. Who would it be? How do you think it would go?

Gosh, when I first saw this question, I though pshhh this will be a piece of cake... but now that I think about it, it's actually kind of hard! I normally really love the pairings that the author already makes in books. To re-pair the character up with someone else just seems... unfitting.

But regardless, I racked my brain and came up with this:

Hannah Baker from Thirteen Reasons Why and Kent McFuller from Before I Fall
Reason: I really liked Hannah and it killed me that she never found that guy who would cherish her. Kent, on the other hand, is SO swoon-worthy and sweet--and funny too! I think that if Kent and Hannah could be matched up, then Thirteen Reasons Why would not have made me bawl! 


  1. Oh my God! I agree! I loved Hanna and Kent... and I loved and cried over those books! Your idea of putting them together is simply amazing!!
    Lis @ The reader lines

  2. Great answer! I don't think that Hannah should have found someone to cherish her too! But I haven't read If I Fall but I'll trust your choice! Thanks for visiting and following Elegantly Bound Books!

    Crystal @ Elegantly Bound Books

  3. I knoww! Nearly ALL the characters already have perfect pairings! I feel like some sort of evil devil, tearing them apart and pairing them with someone else.

    Kent and Hannah would do well together :)

    I look forward to reading more from your blog! I love how it's just starting: leaves more room for growth

    New follower via GFC

  4. I always felt soooo bad for Kent! :( The girl he was in love with totally didn't deserve him. Following!

    Preet @ AWR

  5. I know what you mean! It seems like an easy question but it is sooo tough! I have not read Before I Fall but I did read 13 Reasons Why! Great choice :) I want to read Before I Fall now!!!! Lovely blog :)


  6. I remember reading Before I Fall and Kent was such a sweetheart, even though that ending was horrible! I still have to read 13 Reasons Why, but it's at my library and on my TBR! :)

    Thanks for following me, I'm following back!

  7. Yay for another person who thinks Kent deserves to be happy! He's one of my favorite male love interests in all of YA book-dom. I haven't read 13 Reasons Why, but it sounds like you picked a worthy match for him.

    And welcome to the F&F Hop! I look forward to the fun questions every week :-)

    New follower via GFC. Thanks for stopping by my FF.

  8. Great post!! I haven't read either book but they both sound great!!

    Happy reading and thanks for stopping by and following..I am following you back :)

  9. LOVE your choices! You are right that Hannah never found a good guy and I think Kent would be perfect! Thanks for your follow! :)

  10. I really want to read Before I fall but haven't had the chance :) New Follower via GFC!

    Kayla @ Bengal Reads (YA Blog) & Reading On The Wild Side (Adult Blog)

    "Click Here" To view my #FF post for Bengal Reads

    "Click Here" To view my #FF post for Reading On The Wild Side

  11. Not familiar with either series, so . . . Either way, it was an exceptionally hard question!

    Thanks for stopping by! Returning the follow via GFC ^_^

    sinn @ sinnful books

  12. I don't know Kent, but I really felt for Hannah. Anything that would have made her happy would be the right choice.

    Thanks for visiting and I'm an old follower.

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews


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