Friday, June 15, 2012

TGIF: Most Valuable Book(s)

Who's ready for the weekend?? I know I am!Ginger @ GReads  
has created this super fun meme that recaps the week's posts and poses a bookish question to be answered.

This week's question:
Most Valuable Book: From your personal collection of books, which ones hold the most value to you - is it signed by the author? Or maybe it's your favorite story of all time? Share it with us!
Hmm... Unfortunately, few authors frequent this small town that I live in, so I am rather lacking in signed books (*sob*)--except I believe there was one American Girl picture book I got signed when I was in elementary school..... BUT ANYWAYS, I'll settle for listing precious books that I will probably treasure forever and be super paranoid about lending...... 

Jellicoe Road is one of my favorite books EVER. And this fact will probably, most likely definitely never change.
   Melina Marchetta. If you have never heard of this woman, then run to the library and get some Marchetta goodness!!! I freaking worship this woman. She can do no wrong. 
Trust me, once you read anything by her, you will understand.
This is a book that I'd be loathe to lend--even to awesome friends!--because I'd be terrified they'd somehow do something to mar the wonderfulness and perfection of this book. 
Ye-ah. I'm a tad protective.....
My Harry Potter books are like the Holy Grail of my book collection! I'm pretty sure everyone--even those who might live under rocks--knows of the awesomeness that is the world of Harry Potter. Aside from that, all my books are hardcover, so if you add up all the money spent on 7 books.... you could say this series is pretty darn valuable!

I've read both books in the series and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. (Unfortunately, I only have book 1 in my possession... but I'm working on remedying that!) Not only do I love the world of shadowhunters, I'm also kinda IN LOVE with Will Herondale...


  1. I never read Jollicoe Road. I will have to look it up.

    But yes, harry potter is a good answer.

  2. Jellicoe Road just got bumped up to be the next book I read. I got it from the library last week!


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