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Top Ten Bookish Romances to Survive in the Real World

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Oh no.... the first thing my mind jumped to when I saw this topic was Contemporary YA.
 I mean, those are the books with the most "realistic" romances in the "real" world..... but I'm gonna try to add diversity to this list...

Top 10 romances that I think would make it in the real world

Grave and Dru's relationship in Strange Angels

So they're different paranormal beings, but I just love how their relationship progresses--no insta-love, thank goodness! This might sound incredibly cheesy, but they make each other better!  ^-^
Rose and Dimitri from Vampire Academy

I added them to the list because of the whole age difference thing--which I think really could work out in the real world--but also, Rose and Dimitri are very different personality-wise, but I think they complement each other well.
Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice

Hate at first site but then all this stuff happens and you learn that the dude's really not bad at all and you end up falling in love with him?
Yeah I could see that happening in real life.
Anna and St. Clair from Anna and the French Kiss

How can I not include this on my list???
The romance, it's just.... ADFGHJKL;LK!
...So. Good.

And believable!
Katsa and Po from Graceling

There's a lot of independence and freedom in their relationship and they're both okay with that. I admit, their relationship is rather unique in YA literature, but it just works for them and I could see it happening in real life too.
Tris and Four from Divergent

They're both tough, smart, and they're NOT do-dependent!! I could honestly see two people like them having a successful relationship in the real world... It would be interesting to see what they'd do without guns and fighting, but I really think they'd be awesome together in any setting.

Will and Tessa from Clockwork Angel

WILL AND TESSA FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER INTO INFINITY. Don't even try to argue with me on that one.
I would tell you my reasons for this choice, but I'm afraid most of it would be incoherent fangirl babble..... but here's one of my reasons:
They both love books!
Sophie and Archer from Hex Hall

They're just so perfect and snarky together!
Isabel and Cole from The Wolves of Mercy Falls series

These are two rather messed up people, but together they're...... not.
Wow, that was a suckish explanation, but I just really like how their relationship develops through the series.
ANY couple from Sarah Dessen's book.
They're all absolutely wonderful and realistic.

Honorable mentions:

How can you argue with the OTP perfection of Augustus and Hazel???
Answer: you can't.
This book is a little reminiscent of Sarah Dessen's style and I just LOVE Samantha and Jase's relationship. I could definitely see sometime like their romance happening in the real world.


  1. Ohh I love your picks! I can't believe I forgot Anna and St.Clair !! Ahh, they are so perfect. ): I was gonna pick Hazel and Gus but holy crap.. It still makes my heart ache. ;___; Gosh darn it, John Green!
    Haha, thanks for stopping by my TTT !

  2. I won't even begin to argue with you about Will and Tessa, I completely agree. Same with Hazel and Augustus. :( That relationship makes me really sad though.
    Anna and St.Clair would definitely make it too. Ah! I love those two! Great list :)

  3. I like your list and I love the relationship between Cole and Isabel as well even though I'm just finishing up reading Linger.

  4. Awwww, sweet list! Hahaha, I KNEW you were going to put Will+Tessa on there. Still have to read Divergent, but I like how you described Sophie and Archer as "snarky" XD Makes me really want to check that series out (probably should). Great list, and happy Tuesday!

    1. LOL you know me too well! X)
      And yes you should definitely read Divergent and Hex Hall! :)

  5. Joie!! Great list!! Completely agree <3 <3 With Dimitri and Rose <3 <3 Miss them like crazy <3 <3 And Archer and Sophie!! HELL YES! :) :)

  6. Awesome list! I definitely agree with your choice of Tris and Four. :) I'm currently reading Graceling and it's so good so far!

  7. Great list! I had Po and Katsa and Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth too!

  8. Rose and dimitri were so awesome :) i wanted to add them, but I had already reached ten

  9. We have some of the same choices. Isabel and Cole is a great choice. Check out my TTT if you get a chance.

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  10. Ooo a bunch of these are books I am dying to get to eventually lol. You have made me more envious of you since you HAVE read them! lmao

  11. Katsa & Po and Jase & Samantha totally made my list as well. :) & I loved Augustus & Hazel together...so sweet...so heartbreaking! And.... #TeamJem! ;) Great list!

    My TTT

    Randi @ Cardigans, Coffee and Bookmarks


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