Monday, August 27, 2012

Top Ten Bookish Confessions!

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Hello. Welcome to Bibliophile Anonymous. 
My name is Joie.
And I have some things to confess. Brace yourselves guys.

10. I don't like old books. 
Alright, cue the horrified gasps.... now!
I can't really explain why except that decoding ye olden day language detracts from the enjoyment of reading.... I mean, there are some exceptions (Pride and Prejudice being one of them), but overall, I tend to avoid old books.   

9. I don't like reading plays. 
I am sure there are fabulous one out there, but they're just not my kind of thing. I get bored just reading people's dialogue--I want description and action! 

8. I'm very OCD about having one book in a series in paperback (because I was too cheap to buy hardback) but then buying the rest in hardback because I really liked the series. And then the book formatting ISN'T THE SAME. OMG. You have no idea how much it bugs me to see the series on my bookshelf and their heights/thickness don't match. 

7. In 10th grade, when we were reading Huck Finn in English class, I totally skipped a good chunk of the middle of the book....

6. I don't like to stop reading until I've reached the end of a chapter. It. Just. Bothers. Me. If I just stop in the middle of a good part, how am I supposed to concentrate on the rest of my day when all I'm doing is wondering what happened next?!

5. Sometimes when I'm reading, I imagine myself as a character in the book. Sometimes as a protagonist, sometimes even as the villain.

4. I have a tendency to fall in love with fictional boys.

3. You know those redesigned Classic covers at Barnes and Noble? The ones that look all Twilight-y
W-ell. I actually really like them.

2. I HATE insta-love.
With a burning passion

1. And now, for the ultimate confession...
I dog-ear pages.
Oh yes, you read that right. I. DOG-EAR. PAGES.
I'm pretty sure that's like book sacrilege, but I just can't help it! I'm constantly losing bookmarks and dog-earring the pages is just the easiest way to keep track of my pages and make not of where important quotes are...

.... please don't come at me with pitchforks.


  1. Now, Joie, I have to send you tons of bookmarks so you would stop dog-earing your book! It's, like, the ultimate sin in bookieland LOL! xD I really like the topic for Top Ten this week! <3 It's so much fun to read about everyone's confession. :) And I don't like reading play either LOL! Play is written so we can watch it, right? ;)

    Anyway, I LOVE your new blog design! The old one is incredibly cute too, but this one is just LOVELY!! <3 You have such a good taste hun! x) The header is so gorgeous too! <3

  2. I don't really like old books either, but I do try to read one every now and again. I was working on The Scarlett Letter, but stopped to catch up on some of the books I bought, but the only reason I do it is so that I can understand references about them in other books and TV shows.

  3. I have the same paperback/hardcover issue. And I hate it when series don't match!! Ah should've put that one in...

  4. I am here with a pitch fork! HAHAHAHA no I'm just kidding!

    But I do love those new twilight-y covers AND in high school I had to do a book report to the class on Withering Heights, but I couldn't get through it. It was too boring and I HATED the main character so I read the last chapter, went on spark notes and did my presentation based on what I heard from the Internet lol got an A+ on it too

  5. NOO! I hate those adapted classics covers with a passion. Whta does a flower have to do with Jane Eyre?! My hatred of them is compounded by my disliking of Twilight itself. We must duel, haha.

    I hate all paperbacks, not just mismatched series, and I can't stop reading unless I'm on a chapter too! Thanks for visiting our blog!

  6. I love the redesigned covers of the classic books as well and I like to finish chapters before stopping reading but that's more because it's easier to remember which page I'm on that way since I don't bookmark or dog ear.

  7. I love your list!! I don't know about the Twilighty books but I like the redesign of the Sarah Dessen covers (idk if you read her)! And I don't like old books either... every TTT there's always tons of ppl who talk about Jane Austen and all that and I'm like: well if I wasn't made to read it in HS I'm not reading it now :(

    Thanks for stopping by my My TTT I think your blog is lovely btw, very cute!

  8. Great confessions! I know what you mean about old books. I hate it more when the author creates an accent for the characters and spells it out in the dialogue. Tends to happen a lot in older books. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Your confessions made me laugh, I can't believe you admitted to dog-earing pages!! Shock horror!! Hehe I'm soooo guilty of it to even though I COLLECT bookmarks, I just don't like getting my bookmarks all used. Crazy I know. Great post.

  10. Me too to the dog-earring of pages, and not liking to read plays. Just cannot.

  11. Fetching Pitchfork! Ha ha! You need some purdy bookmarks my dear. Perhaps, if I make them look all "twilight-y" you would use them? Although, your most chilling confession is the first... here I was thinking that you could be saved! will admit that you like a movie adaptation of an old book, right?


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