Sunday, July 8, 2012

Will Herondale has a middle name... O_O

from Cassandra Clare's tumblr:

What are Jem's and Will's middle names? My friend and I want to know because she calls me Jem/James and I call her Will and we want to be able to do the three-name thing when we're mad at each other.
Will’s middle name is Owen. It was his mother’s maiden name. It’s a nod to his Welsh heritage, too, if you know who Owain Glynd┼Ár was.
Welsh was heavily suppressed by the English during the earlier Victorian era. Will’s family would probably only have spoken it at home. This would have annoyed his mother so giving her son a Welsh middle name would have been a minor act of rebellion. If you want to yell at Will in Welsh, his Welsh name is Gwilym Owain Herondale.
Jem doesn’t have a middle name. Not everyone did in the 1800’s anyway. He has a Chinese name if you really want a three-worder: Ke Jian Ming.

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  1. I actually wasn't surprised by the middle name part, like that feeling of something you might've read about, but totally forgot....

    b-but I don't remember it being Owen!!! Oooh, and Jem has a pretty decent Chinese name! but the "Ming"'s a bit overused (understatement), and wouldn't nicknames/etc. be based on the "Ming", and not the "Jian"? O_O


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