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Top Ten Most Vivid Worlds/Settings

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Top 10 most vivid worlds/settings...

The world of New Beijing in Cinder

I'm not usually one who's good at picturing futuristic, sci-fi settings, but in the high-tech New Beijing, I had no problem envisioning hovercrafts and androids and especially the royal palace!

The world of Anna and the French Kiss

I've never been to Paris, but in this story, the City of Lights created the perfect setting to capture the adventure and love in this story!
...and now I really want to go!

The world of Skuldenore in Finnikin of the Rock (and Froi of the Exiles)

It's not that the writing is overly descriptive like in a Dickens novel, but I had no problem envisioning every setting, every village, every place in this novel!

The world of The Hunger Games

Collins's fabulous writing gave me no trouble at all seeing the disparities between the stark districts, the luxurious Panem, and the wonderfully crafted arenas.

The world of Harry Potter and Hogwarts

This is probably not a shocker to anyone, but I absolutely love the world of Harry Potter! Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, the Dursley house, everything was so vivid in my mind as I read and I loved every minute I was in that world.

The world of the Nevernever in The Iron King

Kagawa is impeccable when it comes to world-building. It's always hard to create a fantasy world setting and have readers see it too, but Kagawa did it! I had no problem picturing all the magical elements of the Summer and Winter courts and the characters.

The world of The Immortal Rules

What can I say guys? Julie Kagawa knows her stuff! I loved her world building in the fantasy fey world and she did it again in the creation of this darker world of Vampire cities, fringes, and wilderness

The world of the Dells in Fire

Out of all the Graceling Realm books, Fire is probably my favorite in terms of description and setting. I loved the castles, the villages, but mostly I loved the descriptions of the monsters!

The victorian-era world of Clockwork Angel (and Clockwork Prince)

Never have I been able to picture Victorian-era England so clearly as I did when reading this book! The fashion, the setting, the paranormal aspect, it all came together beautifully in Cassandra Clare's descriptions.
The world of The Lightning Thief

Whether it's the real-world settings or Mount Olympus or anything with a supernatural, Greek-mythology twist, I had no problem envisioning the setting in my head in this series.

Honorable mention:
The world of The Scorch Trials

While life in the Maze was super easy to picture, it was the setting of the places the gang traveled to in The Scorch Trials that were so vividly described in my head.


  1. Pretty sure Hogwarts gets to be on everyone's list today... I think it's unsurpassed. :) Good points about Percy Jackson and Panem! I haven't read most of these others, but would especially love to give The Iron King a try one of these days.

  2. I've never been to Paris either, but really want to go after reading Anna And The French Kiss! And yes absolutely to Jenna's point about Hogwarts being unsurpassed. I completely agree.

    I have trouble picturing sci-fi worlds as well, but like you, I had no trouble imagining New Beijing.

    My TTT

  3. Good list. I love the world of Percy Jackson,Harry Potter and Anna and the French Kiss as well.

  4. Great list! I also put New Beijing and Hogwarts on mine :) And you have a bunch of books that I want to read on there!

  5. I had so many of these on my list too! I still need to read Julie Kagawa's new vampire one...and the Maze Runner! Here are my picks http://wp.me/pzUn5-17L

  6. Yes, yes, yes! That's a really great list! Harry Potter is a definite one on everyone's list so far, but I like that you've also chosen Cinder and The Iron Fey <3

    By the way, I've tagged you for a Would You Rather! It's so much fun! <3

    "Would You Rather" Tag

  7. Love this list. Excellent picks!

  8. I loved New Beijing for the same reason. I'm not great with the scientific worlds in books thing either, but I had no probolem imagining Cinder's world. I was actually surprised by how easily I fell into it.

    There si nothing more romantic or gorgeous than Steph Perkins' France. I realy want to visit the country now!

    Haha, the only reason why I didn't put Panem on my list is because the Arena is SO vivid that I would not want to go there. At all. XD But yes, I definitely think it was constructed well. THG has amazing world building.

    And I definitely agree about Hogwarts.

    I haven't read some of these other books, but I'm looking forward to checking them out!

    Great list!


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