Tuesday, July 17, 2012

TMI/TID Questions

So I was tumblr-ing today--and goodness gracious, tumblr is awesome, but so time consuming!--and I found this set of TID/TMI questions that a lot of people were answering, so I though what the hey? and decided to post my own answers here on the blog. 

1. TMI or TID?

ohhhhh. Why must you start off with such a hard question?!  Ermm. Erm.. Erm. This is so darn hard. 
BUT I think I'm gonna have to go with Infernal Devices because SO. MANY. FEELS. OH MY GOSH. Never, has any series incited such feeling of agony and heartbreak. 
Also, Will Herondale. 
I mean... he's like Jace, but with an English Accent.

 2. Shadowhunter or Downworlder? Why?

Downworlder--but only if I get to be a warlock. Think of what I can do with all that awesome magic! 
...And who would get to be BFFs with Magnus Bane forever??? (Literally).

 3. What is your favourite type of Downworlder?

Warlock. I mean, otherwise, I'd either have to go through a painful transformation, always need to drink blood, or never be able to lie and must serve a mean queen. Ye-ah, no thanks. I'd rather have awesome magic. 

 4. What is your favourite rune?

I've always liked the look of the fearless rune...
 However, the sight and recall runes would be super useful in my everyday life.

5. Who is your favourite TMI character?

Jace is an absolute given, so aside from him.... oh dear lord, this is really hard. How about a three-way tie between Simon, Magnus, and Isabelle?

6. Favourite TID character
Ha. Ha ha. Like you even need to ask.

7. What is your favourite TMI ship?

Simon and Isabelle.
I mean, at first, I suppose it was Jace and Clary--but really that was just because I loved Jace. And I've always had a soft spot for Alec and Magnus.... but with the newest TMI books... Simon and Isabelle Forever!!!!!!!

 8. What is your favourite TID ship?

 9. Name somebody in your City of Bones dreamcast
Aside from the wishing Alex Pettyfer was Jace because tell me HE DOES NOT LOOK THE PART. I dare you. But the thing is, I'm starting to REALLY like Jamie as Jace... He and Lily together are just SO cute and I'm just like "ALKDJFHADJ!!!! IT'S JACE AND CLARY!!"

So my real answer is that I was really hoping Alexandra Daddario could've been picked as Isabelle.

 10. First three Mortal Instruments books or last three Mortal Instruments books?

UGH. Jace was wittier--and less angsty--in the first 3 books.... but I really like the couples in the last three....HMMM. I'm gonna have to go with the last three. 

So there are all the questions and my answers! If you guys feel like answering any of these, I'd love it if you'd leave your answers or a link to a post in the comments! I'd love to check them out! 


  1. LOL YES, JOIE! When my sister asked me the first question too, I automatically said the same thing: "Will is just as awesome and snarky as Jace except he has an ENGLISH ACCENT!" Plus, I think he's reason for being snarky is so much sweeter and I really love Jem too :') I'd rather be a warlock for the same reasons as you, and I LOVE the idea of Alexandra Daddario as Isabelle! She's so badass and awesome ;)

    Love your answers, Joie! You and I are a lot alike in our Cassie Clare love haha x) <3

  2. Lol, this is great! I love your answers to all of these questions! I love The Infernal Devices just a tad bit more than I love TMI, but that's just because of Will and Jem and their posh British accents! I would totally die to be a shadowhunter or warlock, it doesn't really matter which, both are kick arse!And yeah, I have to agree with you about Jace being kind of angsty in the last three books, but he seemed to be getting bits of his old self back in COLS.

  3. Ahaha this is fun :) All my answers to these questions would be practically the same as yours! I'm more a TID girl rather than TMI too because of...the one and only WILL! (Tessa better end up with him, PLEASE!) Alexandra Daddario would have been an AWESOME Isabelle, I totally agree! And I miss Jace's sarky, witty self :( Although I haven't read CoLS yet... Thanks for sharing your answers to these questions! :)

    Catherine x
    The Book Parade


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