Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday is a weekly meme created and hosted by Lauren @ Epilogue and features a question each week for bloggers to share their opinions on.

Today's topic:
Edward vs. Jacob 
Oh gosh, the eternal question of the broody, sexy vampire versus the best friend werewolf! 
Well, while I was reading the Twilight series, I'll admit I was definitely rooting for Edward. I found Jacob a tad annoying at times, especially in Eclipse....
However, in terms of the movie, I have to admit I'd go for Jacob because let's face it, Jacob was waaaay hotter in the movie than Edward!
Or maybe that was just me.

What about YOU? Who do you prefer??


  1. I agree with your views of Jacob.. he is very handsome :D

  2. I totally agree, heh. And I thought Jake was annoying, too!

    Oh, and thanks for stopping by @ Little Pieces of Imagination!


  3. Originally when I read the books I thought Edward was the perfect man. Then, I got older and realized what a healthy relationship consisted of. I started to find Edward controlling and just didn't like him (I also have absolutely no attraction to RPatz). When the movies came out, Bella and Jacob had much better chemistry. I then reread the books and I was rooting for Jacob. I think if I had been Bella I would have chosen Jacob, but when you love someone like she loved/loves Edward I don't think you can just let that go. Not even if you love someone that's healthier for you. *shrugs* I'll probably always be a Team Jacob since New Moon the movie.

  4. OH also I LOVE how pretty your blog is.

  5. Jacob drove me nuts in the books. I really didn't like him at all!

  6. I was torn between the two also. Jacob definitely was annoying at times, although maybe because he's centuries younger than Edward, lol. I was super annoyed by him in Breaking Dawn, when the book had a huge section from his pov. Part of the reason I had such a hard time getting through that book.


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