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Top Ten Character I Want To Switch Places With...

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I don't know about you, but when I'm reading, I always have this tendency to imagine myself in the that particular fictional world so I was super excited about this week's topic!

Top Ten Character I'd Want to Switch Places with for 24 hours

Clary from the Mortal Instruments series
There are numerous reaons for why I'd want to switch places with Clary--
I could be BFFs with Simon, go shopping with Isabelle and Magnus, play with Church and Chairman Meow, learn how to be a kick-butt Shadowhunter, MEET JACE....
The possibilities are endless.
Percy some random camper from Camp Halfblood
 It would have to be a minor character... like, I don't know, some Hermes kid or something because I'd want to be able to hang out with Percy and Annabeth and Grover and fight monsters and experience 24 hours at Camp Halfblood.
Bitterblue from the the Graceling books
Y'know... I've always wondered what it'd be like to be queen....
Thursday Next from The Eyre Affair
I haven't finished this book yet, but just the entire premise and world of this story is SO. DARN. COOL.
I'd definitely want to be a special operative in literary detection.
Kelsey from Tiger's Curse
I love traveling and I've always wanted to go to India.... not to mention all the other mythological places Kelsey gets to go to.
Meghan from The Iron Fey series
Well for one, I want to see the Nevernever, secondly, I want to party it up in the Summer Court, and thirdly, I want to hang out with Puck and Grimalkin of course!
OK, quick confession, I am a huge Naruto fan--I read the manga and watch the anime and oh my goodness I want to be a ninja SO badly!
Alphonse from FMA
I picked Al because I'd want to spend my 24 hours hanging out with Ed because he is one of my favorite characters EVER. Also, I might have a *little* crush on him...
If you haven't read this manga, then I highly recommend it!
Anna from Anna and the French Kiss
Etienne St. Clare.
'Nuff said.
Harry Potter
.... do I really need to explain this one?

What about you? Which character would you love to switch places with for 24 hours??? Feel free to leave me a comment or a link!! :)


  1. I love your list! I really need to read the Graceling books...I keep meaning to and then it just doesn't happen. Oops! Thanks so much for stopping by LiteraryObsession.com :)

  2. Heheh, manga. That opens up a whole new world of Top Ten Lists for me! Great list :)

  3. So many great ones! We have a ton in common :)

    here's my TTT

  4. yay for camp half-blood, HP and Naruto! I've been meaning to read the thursday next series but haven't gotten around to it yet. Great list!

    Here's a link to mine!

  5. Great list! I, too, would love to experience life as a Konoha Ninja!!! I didn't think to put manga on my list! I have a feeling Harry Potter is going to be on every list, haha (it usually is no matter what the topic...)

    My Top 10

  6. I was totally considering Percy, too! Percy, Grover or Annabeth actually, because I think it'd be awesome to be any of those three for a day. If I were Percy, i'd definitely go into the water and draw power from it, just to see what it felt like.

    My Top Ten

  7. I love Bitterblue! She such a fabulous choice.

    My Top Ten Tuesday

  8. I haven't read Anna and the French Kiss, but I would want to go to Paris too! That's fabulous! Hello Paris! :)

  9. Nope, don't need to explain HP at all :-) And I'm totally with you on wanting to switch with minor characters so you can meet the major ones.

    Thanks for stopping by my TTT!

  10. Great list! I had Clary on mine as well. I really need to start the Percy Jackson series... I started book 1 a while back and never got around to finishing it.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  11. I love this list! We have so many in common like Anna and any HP character. Also, bonus for choosing two manga characters...I had one too! I haven't read the Naruto manga, but I love the anime. And FMA is one of my favorite stories ever!

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews


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