Saturday, December 31, 2011

Best 11 of 2011

(Note: These aren't necessarily all books published in 2011, but more like my best 2011 finds)

Thoughts: O.M.G. this books was so mind-blowingly good! The concept was so original and interesting and the writing was absolutely beautiful! I eagerly await the sequel....


Thoughts: I honestly don't know anyone who doesn't love this series. Seriously. So freakin' awesome.... Oh and you just can't not love Cassandra Clare's humor!

Thoughts: I will forever remember 2011 as the year I discovered Melina Marchetta's books--this book is one of those few ones that once you read it, you just absolutely WILL NOT ever forget it.

Thoughts: I liked Lola and the Boy Next Door, but in my opinion, it can't even hold a candle to Anna and the French Kiss. Really. Just thinking about this book makes me giddy and giggly...

Thoughts: Actually, I really, really liked both the Hex Hall novels, but Demon Glass might have to be my favorite. And seriously, you will never find a heroine as sarcastic and witty as Sophie Mercer. I was laughing so hard while reading this!

Thoughts: Pure Awesomeness. Really, that says it all. Each books just gets better and better! 

Thoughts: Sigh... just such a great book about beauty and traveling and culture and (of course) romance! 

Thoughts: Oh. My gosh. This book has everything I absolutely adore! Suspense, mystery, likeable characters, supernatural (done in a great new and original way!), and a childhood-friend-turned-couple-relationship! LOVE. 
PS: the sequel is also amazing!

Thoughts: probably my favorite of the trilogy because there's lots more Cole and Isabel---the "side" couple, but my favorite! Plus the writing is just so beautiful and lyrical!

Thoughts: heart-wrenching, but amazing to read about

Thoughts: I just LOVED the concept of this story--I was practically addicted! Plus, the main character, Erin, wants to be a romance novelist--a girl after my own heart!


  1. I totally agree with Anna and the French Kiss! I also enjoyed it so so much more that Lola and the Boy Next Door! And about Demonglass? Hell yess!! I love it! :) And I should really check Melina Marchetta's book out! I seems very good! :) ;)

  2. I highly highly recommend Jellicoe Road (in case you couldn't tell) it's absolutely mindblowingly good!


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