Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Book Boyfriend: Adam Vader

For those who don't know about My Book Boyfriend, I highly recommend you go to the introduction post here---props to the Unread Reader for coming up with such a fun meme!

Surprisingly, I had a hard time this week deciding who to post about! (extremely surprising given the amount of romance/chicklit that I read...) Finally, I decided on Adam from my recent Jennifer Echols read, The Boys Next Door--the book itself only earned about a 3.5, maybe a 4 (don't get me wrong, I loved the plot and everything, but I couldn't help but fee like the book itself could have been written better). Adam on the other hand was a total 5! :) 
And now, without further adieu, I give you Adam Vader from The Boys Next Door

  •  is the youngest Vader brother
  • has ADD
  • takes just about any crazy dare his brothers give him
  • has been in love with Lori forever! (But she's pretty clueless about that...)
  • and let's just say that he is ahem in very good shape--"He put both his hands into his hair. This showed me how strong and well-formed the biceps were on this tanned, beautiful boy"
 Adam: "That's my plot. You were right, I had a plot, and that's my whole plot. I'm in love with you. The last nine months with McGillicuddy away at college have been freaking torture for me, because I didn't have an excuse to come to your house." 


"One day on the boat when we were kids, did you tell me you wanted me to be your girlfriend when we were old enough?"
He slid his hand down a lock of my hair and twisted it around his fingers. "I don't remember saying that, but I wouldn't be surprised. I wasn't lying that day in the truck. I really have loved you forever. Why else would I wear a skull-amd-crossbones necklace you bought me from a bubblegum machine? It turned my skin green."
"It didn't." To make sure, I moved the pendant aside and peered at his chest, which looked the normal scrumptious tan to me. "It didn't," I repeated with more confidence.
"It did when you first gave it to me. Any metal coating that might have been clinging to it wore off on my chest years ago."

Come to think of it, the pendant
was a funny color not found in nature. I'd probably given him lead poisoning
 -Lori and Adam 

Lori: "You know, you could have told me you loved me a long time ago, before things got so crazy."
Adam: "No, I couldn't. I like to take chances. I'd blow a chance on anything but you. You didn't love me."

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