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Top Ten Favorite Fictional Couples

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My top 10 favorite fictional couples (and believe me, this was actually really hard to narrow down to just 10!)

Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase ("Percabeth")
 “It's okay,” he said. “We're together.” He didn't say you're okay, or we're alive. After all they'd been through over the last year, he knew that the most important thing was that they were together. She loved him for saying that.” 
-Rick Riordan, Mark of Athen

Rose Hathaway and Dimitri Belikov ("Romitri")
Swallowing, I asked again, "Do you think I'm pretty?"
He regarded me with utter seriousness, like he always did. " I think you're beautiful."
"You are so beautiful, it hurts me sometimes.".

Tris and Tobias ("Fourtris")
“We're all right, you know," he says quietly. "You and me. Okay?"
 My chest aches, and I nod. 
"Nothing else is all right." His whisper tickles my cheek. "But we are.” 

Fire and Brigan
He said, ‘The moment I began to love you was the moment when you saw your fiddle smashed on the ground, and you turned away from me and cried against your horse. Your sadness is one of the things that makes you beautiful to me. Don’t you see that? I understand it. It makes my own sadness less frightening.” 

Finnick and Annie ("Odesta")
"So that's who Finnick loves, not his string of fancy lovers in the Capitol, but a poor, mad girl back home."

“Finnick!" Something between a shriek and a cry of joy. A lovely if somewhat bedraggled young woman--dark tangled hair, sea green eyes--runs toward us in nothing but a sheet. "Finnick!" And suddenly, it's as if there's no one in the world but these two, crashing through space to reach each other. They collide, enfold, lose their balance, and slam against a wall, where they stay. Clinging into one being. Indivisible. 
A pang of jealousy hits me. Not for either Finnick or Annie but for their certainty. No one seeing them could doubt their love.” 

Simon and Isabelle ("Sizzy")
Isabelle waved a hand. "No need to worry, big brother. Nothing happened. Of course," she added as Alex'a shoulders relaxed, "I was totally passed-out drunk, so he could really have done whatever he wanted and I wouldn't have woken up."
"Oh, please," said Simon. "All I did was tell you the entire plot of Star Wars."
"I don't think I remember that," said Isabelle, taking a cookie from the plate on the table.
"Oh, yeah? Who was Luke Skywalker's best childhood friend?"
"Biggs Darklighter," Isabelle said immediately, and then hit the table with the flat of her hand."That is so cheating!” 

Magnus and Alec ("Malec") 
“You never called me back," he said. "I called you so many times and you never called me back."
Magnus looked at Alec as if he'd lost his mind. "Your city is under attack," he said. "The wards have been broken, and the streets are full of demons. And you want to know why I haven't called you?"
Alec set his jaw in a stubborn line. "I want to know why you haven't called me back."
Magnus threw his hands up in the air in a gesture of utter exasperation. Alec noted with interest that when he did it, a few sparks escaped from his fingertips, like fireflies escaping from a jar. "You're an idiot."
"Is that why you haven't called me? Because I'm an idiot?"
"No." Magnus strode toward him. "I didn't call you because I'm tired of you only wanting me around when you need something. I'm tired of watching you be in love with someone else - someone, incidentally, who will never love you back. Not the way I do."
"You love me?"
"You stupid Nephilim," Magnus said patiently. "Why else am I here? Why else would I have spent the past few weeks patching up all your moronic friends every time they got hurt? And getting you out of every ridiculous situation you found yourself in? Not to mention helping you win a battle against Valentine. And all completely free of charge!”

Jared and Kami (from Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan)
“Listen to me. I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know what any of this means. But I know this much. It doesn’t matter. You’re not one of them. You never were. You’re not theirs. You’re mine.”

Harper and Jake (from Saving June)
"He moves so his mouth is right under my ear, brushing the skin there, and one of his hands slides up, resting on my rib cage. My whole body tingles as he starts to sing softly into my ear. I'm not facing him, my eyes are closed, but I can imagine the look on his face. I listen to the words, and I have that feeling again, the same one I had right before I started sobbing in the grass. A tidal wave of emotion rises inside of me."

Will and Tessa ("Wessa")
“We live and breathe words. .... It was books that made me feel that perhaps I was not completely alone. They could be honest with me, and I with them. Reading your words, what you wrote, how you were lonely sometimes and afraid, but always brave; the way you saw the world, its colors and textures and sounds, I felt--I felt the way you thought, hoped, felt, dreamt. I felt I was dreaming and thinking and feeling with you. I dreamed what you dreamed, wanted what you wanted--and then I realized that truly I just wanted you.” 

Oh. My word. This was SO hard to pick just ten.... so here are some VERY close runner-ups :)

Taylor Markham and Jonah Griggs (from Jellicoe Road)
He stops and looks at me. "I'm here because of you. You're my priority. Your happiness, in some fucked way, is tuned in to mine. Get that through your thick skull. Would I like it any other way? Hell, yes, but I don't think that will be happening in my lifetime.”

He shakes his head and, although it's dark, I can tell he's crying.
 "What are you thinking?" I whisper after a while.
"That you deserve romance," he says.  

Narnie and Jude (also from Jellicoe Road)
“Guess what?" Fitz said.
"I don't know," Jude said. "What? Narnie smiled?" He glanced at her for the first time.
"When you guys see a Narnie smile, it's like a revelation," Webb said, gathering her towards him.
Jude stopped in front of her and, with both hands cupping her face, tried to make a smile. Narnie flinched.
"Leave her alone," Tate said.
"I need a revelation," Jude said. "And you're the only one that can give me one, Narns.” 

Anna and Etienne
Macey and Wes
Dexter and Remy
Elliot and Kai



  1. I think we should be best friends I am totally on the same page. LOVE all the couples from the books I read (most of the beginning of your list). I'm trying hard to pick between Fire and Brigan and Izzy and Simon but I'm not sure I can. So many great couples!


    here's my my TTT (villains)

  2. Aww love all your couple names. Romitri, Fourtris, Odesta, and Harper & Jake are some of my favorite fictional couples too. I bet it was hard to narrow down. Great topic!

  3. Tris & Tobias and Rose & Dimitri are 2 of my faves too :-)

  4. So many of my favorites!!! Although I prefer Jem and Tessa.

    My TTT

  5. Tris and Tobias were wonderful in Divergent, but I didn't like their relationship in Insurgent. I hope that they will return to their sweetness in the third book.

    Finnick & Annie, hell yeah. They are SO damn cute.

    TTT @thedailyprophecy.

  6. Love the list & how you added quotes! :)
    Here's my TTT:

    ~ Alice @ Alice in Readerland

  7. Oh I love so many of these! Great choices! Rose & Dimitri, Tris & Four, Percy & Annabeth, Annie & Finnick.

  8. Cool list!! All the books I've read are in your runner ups... Jellicoe Rd, Anna, Sarah Dessen's. Love all those couples... and as for the ones I haven't read, your descriptions sound hot! Thanks for stopping by my list, I love your polka dots :)

  9. Oh man, I need to go read FIRE again.

    My TTT:

  10. Oh goodness, what a GREAT list. I just started tearing up at some of these quotes. I agree with SO MANY of them. And I love that you gave them celebrity name combos. Romitri and Sizzy are especially fantastic.


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