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Crimson Crimes Tour: Giveaway + Guest Post by Patricia K. McCarthy

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Today, we've got a guest post from Patricia K. McCarthy, author of The Crimson Crimes, answering the following question:
 How has vampire fiction, or the public's perception of vampires, changed since you began writing the series? 

PKM: Since I started my Crimson series in 2003, vampires have gone mainstream with hugely popular television shows like True Blood and The Vampire Diaries (the first targeted toward adults with frank sexuality; the latter geared for teens with implied sexuality) and of course let’s not exclude Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series (I reviewed the first three movies for True North Perspective magazine). At one time, vampires were considered fringe in that they were deeply rooted in the horror genre with no alternate portrayal other than as ruthless villains. But thanks to romantic young adult fiction, coupled with the International success of the Twilight movies, vampires are now primarily powerful and charismatic romantic leads. But nothing in life, especially fiction remains static and this is a good thing, to my mind. The imagination cannot and should not exist in a vacuum - that would be the death of imagination. It was therefore inevitable for vampires to evolve (or devolve) into something more marketable. I write what I call paranormal vampire erotica which blends horror/thriller with graphic sex, suitable for adults and young adults. The presence of vampire erotica in the fiction world is timely and couldn’t have resulted without the public warming up to erotica in a big way. Look at the success of 50 Shades of Grey (despite the intensely critical reviews). Vampires, after all, are sexuality personified – the perfect predator who makes you feel desired and good about being devoured. Their power, immortality, and animalistic nature give a writer a plethora of plots to pursue, taking your story anywhere you want to go. I have set my Crimson novels in Ottawa, the city I adore, in contemporary times but my one and only vampire is over 900 years old, allowing me the luxury of interweaving an ancient element into my series.

~Thank you, Patricia for writing this lovely guest post, and thank you readers for stopping by! 

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Title: The Crimson Crimes
Author: Patricia K. McCarthy
Publication date: June 29th, 2012 by PKM Publications
It’s the dead of night in the dead of winter, and bodies have been found, stacked ceiling-high, in a hillside cave in Ottawa’s Strathcona Park; necks pierced, blood drained – the usual. The city is gripped by a dusk-till-dawn curfew. The press, police and public have whipped each other into a glorious panic over someone or something called the “Vampire Undertaker.” Well, when did a silly curfew ever shut down the kitchen party at the Crimson house? Bring beer, bring smokes, but please bring yourself to meet The Vampires (there are at least four of them) and their quirky human pals. We can take turns feeding the baby vampire, stalling the cops when they come knocking, and tripping out on that time-dream machine up in the bedroom. You’ve got to love people who know how to make their own fun! 

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