Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I would save if my house were abducted by ALIENS!

Hosted over at The Broke and Bookish, this tuesday's challenge is to make a list of those books that you just have to save if somehow your house was about to be destroyed or.... abducted by aliens!

Mine would be (in no particular order...)

1. My Baby Album -- not really sure if that really counts, but oh well! I freaking love looking over baby pictures so this is a definite must have!

2. The Hunger Games -- I'd save the whole series if I had the whole series, but as it is, I only have book one. I have fallen far too much in love with the Hunger Games to just abandon it to the aliens!

3. Sarah Dessen books! I have just about every one she's ever published! I adore her books-- wonderful characters and stories and covers! I'm not gonna lie--cover love is a big part of it.

4. Harry Potter series-- practically speaking, saving all these books would probably really weigh me down, but I don't really care because these books are practically the classics of my generation! Years of childhood right there!

5. Jellicoe Road--- this is a GIVEN! Please, if I could, oh I don't know, marry this book, I totally would! It is fabulous! No way am I letting the aliens get it.

6. Saving June-- aaaah~ this is like my new favorite book! I am just so in love with all the characters and the whole storyline! This is a must-save

7.  Shatter Me--- that writing is just way too beautiful to not save!

8. Death by Bikini (+ Death by Latte + Death by Denim) One of my favorite mystery series ever! Plus induces some middle-school nostalgia

9. Percy Jackson books--- Oh. My gods and goddesses. The Lightning Thief has been one of the best school-reads I've ever read! I have been obsessed ever since

10. Rebecca (by Daphne du Maurier)--- I read this the summer before 9th grade so it's quite nostalgic as well--- but also seriously one of the best suspense novels I've ever read.


  1. Baby books definitely count! Actually, most of mine are books that might not really count...

    My Top Ten

  2. New follower - Shatter Me - YES!!! Here is my list if you'd like to follow back: http://theonceandfuturelibrarian.blogspot.com/2012/02/top-10-tuesday-books-worth-saving.html


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