Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Way to Break My Heart

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the The Broke and Bookish -- for those of us who just absolutely love lists! Going for a little V-day twist, this week's list is about the books that break our hearts.

Love the series.... hate all the depressing stuff at the end.....
Finnick Odair. Need I say more?

This book really is not a sad book per se....but my goodness some parts really made me tear up!

As a die-hard Team Will fan, the ending of this book crushed me....

What isn't sad about this book?!

 For a little while, I hope there would be a happy ending to make up for all the horror and sadness.DO NOT do that. If you do, the ending will crush you.

Why Lauren Oliver? WHY?! Why couldn't this story have a happy ending?!

Really? Really?! Amanda Howells, how dare you kill off such a beloved character?!

I LOVED this series.... until Libba Bray killed off you-know-who. Doing something like that should be banned! I dare you to not tear up in the last scene.

This book really wasn't that sad.... but the parts about Ptolemy absolutely killed me!

This book was just an all-around emotional roller coaster.


  1. Good call on Living Dead Girl. What a disturbing book. Will's story is a heartbreaker for sure! Here is my list http://wp.me/pzUn5-Pg

  2. Living Dead Girl, Mockinjay, and Thirteen Reasons Why were all devastating to read. I need to read Before I Fall and the Infernal Devices series. Great choices!

  3. OH OH!! Totally agree about Finnick!! My heart had broke too. I was crying so hard. Clockwork Prince as well. Before I fall was also really sad for me. The Jellicoe road and Thirty reasons why I still need to read! Awesome list Joie! :) ;)


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