Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Tips for New Book Bloggers

Hosted over at The Broke and Bookish :)

Top Ten Tips for New Book Bloggers

(from what little amount of time that I have been a book blogger...)

1. Make friends and join other people's sites. 
Often times, when you follow other people's blogs, they tend to return the favor and follow yours--plus it's a great way to see what other people are reading.

2. Participate in fun weekly memes, like, say, Top Ten Tuesday, so you can put your blog out there for other people to see.

3. Participate in challenges--it's fun, motivates you to read, and puts your blog out there for other people!
4. Take advantage of other social networks--like goodreads, for example, not only have I discovered book bloggers through good reads, but I can find so many more reviews, and discover books I want to read--link reviews to places like your facebook/twitter/etc.

5. (Cheesy, I know, but...) Be PASSIONATE and HAVE FUN. I don' know about you, but if I didn't seriously enjoy reviewing books and blogging, I'd probably make, like, 1 post a month or something, but I actually really look forward to posting reviews, or book boyfriends, or WoWs.

6. Turn captcha off!!!
Seriously. It's super annoying to have to do it everytime you post a comment.

7. Read what you want to read! It's your blog and you should post about things that you enjoy! Reading should be something you do for fun!

8. Be yourself!!! Again, it's your blog, and therefore for you as well as other people to read. But mainly, it's where you can talk about stuff you like so don't fee like you need to sound uber professional or posh. Just post about things that you find interesting and be honest in reviews.

9. Blogging is for fun! Honestly, I wouldn't be making as many posts as I do if I didn't love it.

10. Don't fret about the numbers! When you first start out, duh, not a lot of people will know about your blog and follow your posts, but that's okay! It takes time, and moreover, blogging should be because you enjoy it, not because you want high stats.


  1. I completely agree when you say Have Fun and blog because you enjoy it. Even if your not new to blogging these are things we should always remember.

  2. Love these tips - especially #2 & 3. I love reading challenges - although I think I may have taken on too many!


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