Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Top Ten Books I Wish Could Have Had Sequels

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Coming up with 10 books for this list was... surprisingly hard.
As I looked back on all the books I'd marked as read on goodreads, I realized just how many of those books were part of a series. Must go out and explore more stand-alone novels. 

Amy & Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson
The whole book was about Amy and Roger coming together and I'd really like to see how they are as a couple.

Death by Denim by Linda Gerber
The ending of this was good, but too open-ended for my liking!! I need to know what happens to my OTP!

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta
First off, this book was perfect as a stand-alone. I wouldn't change a thing about it. But I love the characters so much that I definitely would not mind a sequel. 

Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross
The fairy tale curse aspect is so cool and I definitely think it could be explored further in a sequel or spin-off. (*ahem* I'd particularly love a Beauty and the Beast retelling...)

Reckoning by Lili St. Crow
What even was that ending?!?!?! Endless. Frustration. If ever there should be a sequel for a series that has already ended, it would be for this one.

Sold by Patricia McCormick
I think this as a stand-alone was absolutely perfect. Flawless. But McCormick captured the protagonist's voice and the hell that she was going through so beautifully that I'm sure if she ever decided to write a sequel, it would be equally wonderful. Plus I really would like to know what happens to the protagonist after that ending.

This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen
I loved Remy and Dexter! I'd love to have a whole book to see how these two fair after Remy's in college.

Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen
In my opinion, this is the only Dessen book that really needs a sequel. Hallie and Macon. I just- I WANT SOME ANSWERS, OKAY?

The Piper's Son by Melina Marchetta
I don't know if this one counts since Marchetta has said that she has an idea for a Jimmy Hailler book in mind, but I haven't heard definitive news about this would-be book yet. 
But I want it. Really, really badly.  


  1. Nice! Been too long since I read Reckoning, so I can't really remember it! Read those two Sarah Dessen books during my "dark days" and I liked them. Definitely kind of wondered what would happen to them as well back then!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

    1. Yeah, I really like how Dessen writes in little cameo appearances for her old characters in new books- like when Remy and Dexter appeared in Just Listen- but I would still love a full-length sequel.

  2. ELEANOR AND PARK <3 It made my list too. As you say 'DAT. ENDING' o.o

  3. I have Amy & Roger on my list too. I want more! I would also read more Jellicoe Road and eleanor & park (but I am ok with how each ended). Thanks for sharing! http://wp.me/pzUn5-1BN

    1. Jellicoe Road and Eleanor & Park were fantastic stand-alones. I just fell in love with the characters so much I kind of want their stories to go one forever, you know?

  4. I would love to see sequels for the two Dessens books as well. I want to know whatever happened to Halley and Macon! And yes for another Remy/Dexter fan. Great list!

  5. I haven't read ANY of these, but at least a few are on my tbr and I can't wait to see if I love them enough to wish for sequels, too! I'm particularly excited/scared for Eleanor and Park. Excellent list!

    1. Yes yes yes! I can't wait for you to read Eleanor and Park! The prose is quite lovely. :)

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