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My Book Boyfriend: Jacob Coote

MBB is a weekly meme hosted over at the Unread Reader where you can post about any literary guy you're currently crushing on. Check out the intro post here!

 This week, I thought I'd post about a MARCHETTA boy.
The only Melina Marchetta books I've not yet read are the Finnikin and the Rock books.... but from the contemporary one that I have read, just about EVERY boy she writes is freaking amazing and drool-worthy.
Jacob isn't actually my favorite Marchetta boy (that honor goes to the JONAH GRIGGS) and I wasn't a huge fan of how Marchetta ended the book between him and Jose, but I did really like him.... plus, the moment I got a description of Jacob, my mind automatically linked him to Ben Barnes, and well... *chuckle chuckle* WELL..... needless to say I was kind of a goner.

 He is....
-tall and well built
-is the school captain
-easily the most popular guy in his school
-has a motorcycle
-"My friends think he's gorgeous His hair is brown, shoulder length, not cut into any particular style, and his eyes are green and they always seem to be laughing at you."

-"He didn't look trendy or casual. he just looked like himself. All things aside, my mother would probably love this guy. He was the epitome of individuality"

"how did your mother die?" I asked him quietly.
"Cancer, about five years ago," he said.

"I'd die if my mother died."
He shook his head and looked at me almost gently.
"You don't die. You just... get really angry and then after you're angry you hurt a lot , and then the best thing is that one day you remember something she said or did and you laugh instead of crying." He smiled at the thought.
I shook my head. "I'd run, you know. It's like when you're really busy doing something and you don't have time to think about things. Well, I'd run and run and run so I couldn't think."
"And when you'd finished running you
d be thousands of miles away from people who love you, and your problem would still be there except you'd have nobody to help you," he said with a shrug.

To give you the rundown on Jacob is very hard. Sometimes he speaks really stupidly and doesn't know what I'm talking about, and other times he speaks really well and I don't understand what he's talking about.
Sometimes he's a tough guy and I can imagine him bashing someone's head in and other times he's this real nice sensitive guy who smiles at babies and helps old women across the street. He smokes dope, drinks, and I think he sleeps with a lot of girls, but on the other hand he really loves his family and has respect for people. 
He looks like a grot sometimes because of his hair and earring and wild look, but when he smiles it's warm and sincere. Never ever fake. 

"I'm good with my hands, Josie," he said looking at them. "I might not be a great university scholar, but I'm good with my hands. You're different. You're good with your head."
"well, with my head and your hands we could be famous," I said, taking hold of his hands and kissing them. "We could go into partnership."
"What would a fancy barrister want with a mechanic in business?" he asked solemnly.
"Tons of things," I said, excited. "We could form a company. I'd be the theory part of the business and you'd be the practical."
"Yeah, we could be the first husband and wife..."

He stopped suddenly, realizing what he had just said.
"Forget I said that," he muttered.
I folded my arms and sent him a quick look. "I think you'd be a lovely husband." 
He sneaked a look over to me and shrugged. "Bet you'd be good with kids and all."
We laughed and hugged each other before he let go and began to drive.
"Know what?" 
"What?" he asked. 
"I'm glad it hasn't got bucket seats.
"I would never have fixed it up for us if it did."

"But I don't know if I love you enough and I don't even know if you love me enough. We don't even love each other, Jacob."
We lay there in silence until he nudged me.
"I do a bit, you know," he said gruffly.
"you do what a bit?"
"You know. Like you a bit."
He seemed a bit flustered and I hugged him.
"I think I love you too, Jacob." 


  1. Nice pick! Ben Barnes is hot.

    new follower

  2. I love Ben, he is totally perfect!!! Great pick! I´ll be looking forward to this book!

  3. Ben's smile melts my heart every time!

    I love MM! I love the way she writes boys! I still haven't read this one, but I'm loving that last scene. I'll have to check it out. So far, Tom has been my favorite.

  4. He sounds so sweet and I swear you picked the perfect one with that description! Aw... I need to read this author!

  5. I still need to read Melina's contemporaries...I adored Finnikin of the Rock. Ben Barnes is always perfect for that sexy YA guy!

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

  6. Melina Marchetta is one of my favorites! I liked this book but not as much as the others. Jacob was a hottie though. I loved his personality.

  7. Oh my sweet goodness - he's the BEST! If there is ever a reason to go out and read this book immediately, it's him, and that is just what I NEED to do right away. Those pictures and quotes are absolutely perfect and I am so hooked. Thank you SO much for sharing all of him! :)

    Here's mine:

  8. So I tried to think during this post. I really did.


    I think it's HORRIBLE that I've never read a Melina Marchetta book but hopefully I will one day be able to claim differently! Awesome post :)


  9. Ben Barnes is sooooo adorable he could play so many book boyfriend parts.

  10. is that really Ben with short hair? he looks so different!

  11. I never thought of Jacob Coote as Ben Barnes but now that you mention it HOMG!!! SO EFFING HOT!

    Have you seen the film? You should totally see the film! It's VERY different from the book but definitely worth watching!

    Great post!

  12. Movie?! What?! No, I haven't seen it, but now that I know, I'm definitely going to have to hunt it down!
    Thanks for telling me!


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