Sunday, July 21, 2013

On the YA Crush Tourney and Comic Con

Some of you may know that during the 2012 YA Crush Tourney, my boy, Will Herondale, made it all the way to the finals just to lose by 30-some votes in the last half hour to Adrian Ivashkov.
It was traumatic and heart-breaking and just talking about it is giving me traumatic flashbacks so let's not.

And as if that weren't bad enough, the same thing basically happened this year as well!
Richelle Mead totally threw down the gauntlet and promised a Dimitri-POV scene from book 1 if he won. Cassie Clare followed up by promising the cave scene from CP2 in Will's POV if he won.

But. He. Didn't.
Bitter? Who? Me? YES.
Darn you, Richelle Mead and your tempting temptations. To all the people who didn't vote for Will: imagine me giving you the Look of Disappointment. Uh-huh. I hope you're happy with yourselves. *hisses*
Dimitri had a constant lead of about 500 votes so it wasn't like the loss came out of nowhere and I didn't see it coming. BUT STILL.
My poor shadowhunter baby.

If it were any other fictional boy that Dimitri had been up against (and really, I mean any other character at all), I would not be this upset.
But- Will Herondale. You guys know how protective I get of him.

So. Congratulations, Dimitri. I guess.
still bitter.... I am a bittermelon
All I can say is that the extra POV scene better be good......
I'm still holding out hope for next year, though! I WILL SEE WILL HERONDALE WIN THAT DARN CRUSH TOURNEY IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO.
And they do say that the third time's the charm. *fingers and toes crossed*

-End Part 1 Rant-

This year's SDCC is probably the best one that I've never been to. Let's list the reasons why, shall we?
  • X-Men Days of Future Past entire cast
  • Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss (the trolls....) + A SHERLOCK PANEL
  • Benedict Cumberbatch's adorable video (brb sobbing)
    • Robert Sheehan being his adorable geeky self and his camera
  • Game of Thrones cast
  • New Catching Fire trailer!!!!
  • Colin O'Donaghue being his perfect Irish self
  • Veronica Roth + Divergent cast
  • Karen Gillan shaving her head! O__O
  • Avengers. Avengers. All things Avengers
  • Superman and Batman in a movie?!?!!?
  • HUGH DANCY IN A FLOWER CROWN (way to go, Tumblr! #fannibal)
If you have no idea what I'm talking about in the bullet points then chances are you haven't been shamelessly stalking the internet for Comic Con updates. Good for you. I don't recommend doing this because it is literally painful each time you see something awesome that you're missing out on.

But here's the thing: just as I was starting to accept the fact that I'm not at this super awesome event, THIS GUY SHOWS UP:


Tom Hiddleston shows up in full Loki attire to introduce new Thor 2 footage...
1. No
2. No
3. N o

I. Will. Never. Get. Over. This.

Goodbye, cruel world.

*crawls into a corner and sobs*

-End Part 2 Rant-


  1. hahahahahhahahahhaha!!!! This post was hilarious!! I love Adrian Ivashkov so I shall put my evil laugh in effect!

    Love. Old Follower.

    Tt@Never Ending Stories

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Grrrr... First Adrian. Now Dimitri.

      A fangirl can only take so much!

  2. I feel your pain on the Will defeat! I can't believe he lost for the 2nd year in a row; it was especially tough with TID ending this year. I hold out hope that with both of Richelle Mead's characters having won now, Will's got a lock on next year's victory!

    1. He'd better win next year!! I swear, if someone like Christian Ozera pops out in the final round and snatches the proverbial crown, I will flip a table!

  3. ajhsdkjahsdkjhasdjkah GODFREY GAO + SHERLOCK + Steven Moffat + Benedict Cumberbatch video + Andrew Garfield = JASHKDAKJA WHY WAS I NOT THERE? And I was in San Diego the day before Comic Con started. WHYYYYYY *cries together with you*

    1. OMGGGGG

  4. HAHAHA could I not know about this!!!?!!??!! I'm sorry, oh so kill me or whatever madly skills you got Joie but I have not read of Will OR Dimitri. *hides in a corner barely covered*

    So I'm gonna end the comment now...*getting ready for madness and table flips*

  5. Huh, I had no idea the Tournament was on again this year. I voted last year, but pretty quickly it became a match against these two authors characters, so I didn't keep going because I don't read the books. Oh well. ( :

    Comic-Con! I love, Love, Love Karen Gillian revealing that she had shaved her head- I think it looks great, and love the dedication she has for the role. Catching Fire Trailer OH MY! IT'S SO EXCITING!
    I had no idea about the Loki thing, but that is just excellent! I'm surprised I didn't see tumblr explode!

    Great post!

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