Sunday, February 17, 2013

HELP! URL Problems!

Back when I decided to create a book blog, it really was a spur of the moment kind of decision. I didn't really have any plans in terms of social media, blog designs, etc. The only thing that I really knew for sure was that I wanted to call the blog Joie de Lire because that name had been floating around in my head ever since I began considering entering the blogosphere. Plus, Joie is my french name, which has somehow become a nickname that many of my friends call me and I loved the idea of incorporating that into a blog name.

When I actually created my blog, the url joiedelire was already taken so, without thinking, I just went for one of the variations that blogger suggested to me. Thus, I got my current URL: joie-joiedelire
Only.... now I'm not so crazy about it.
Call me URL-conscious (I blame Tumblr for that) or just plain fickle, but I want to change it. 

Here's the thing, I love my blog name, Joie de Lire... I don't really know what I would change it to and,  truthfully, asking me to change the name of my blog is like asking a mother to rename her child. 

I was thinking of just changing it to (which, thank goodness, is a url I have saved in case) but the problem is that someone else a url and blog name that is insanely similar to mine.... so what do I do?????

Do I change the URL to joie-de-lire and keep the blog name?
Change the URL to something slightly different.... and maybe keep the blog name?
Change everything?!?! (Oh god, the horror!)

Yes, I recognize the fact that most *normal* people do not get this neurotic over something like an internet URL.... but if you guys would please let me know your inputs and opinions, I would be super grateful!  :)


  1. How about "joiedelirereviews"? I had a similar problem when I started, but I wanted to change my name, LOL! I would just recommend doing what you feel comfortable with, girly. (:

    Megan@The Book Babe

  2. FYI, when I changed my URL from blogspot to self hosted I lost ALL my 800+ email followers and 95% of my viewers. I had to start over again :(
    Just something to consider...

    1. That must have been horrible! This is exactly why I'm hesitant to change anything about my blog URL/hosting-wise

  3. HI JOIE!
    I would be very careful about changing your URL on blogspot. When you change your URL using that option Blogger has, I think that all your followers won't be able to see your blog any more. I tried this for my blog "" (I was around twelve, and I thought that, oh clever me, I was the only book blog that existed. NOPE) and panicked when it didn't show up and immediately changed it back.

    GOOD LUCK finding a URL! I would suggest just changing it a little, like drop in a number :) I like your URL the way it is though, but whatever floats your boat!



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