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My Book Boyfriend: Noah Shaw (part 2)

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All right, I know I've been MIA from My Book Boyfriend for months now and you have no idea how much I miss fangirling over fictional boys with all of you!  It's not that I haven't been reading about any good boys lately, just that I haven't had time to look up quotes and write up a post. The lack of posts could also, possibly , be attributed to my natural laziness.....

BUT! But, I recently finished The Evolution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin (which I will hopefully have a review of up in the next day or two) and oh my goodness gracious I swooned so hard over Noah Shaw. Again!
I did an MBB post on Noah way back when book 1 of the series came out, but GIRLS. He got so much hotter in book 2 I can't even- 
So, yeah. Let the fangirling and swooning commence.

Noah Shaw
  • 17
  • "Tall, with dark brown, perfect hair," usually rumpled
  • "Unbelievable smile," usually somewhat cocky
  • "Blue eyes," that are sometimes a beautiful shade of gray
  • usually sporting a five o'clock shadow
  • Loves animals
  • British. Accent.

"This was the boy I loved. A little bit messy. A little bit ruined. A beautiful disaster. Just like me."

But my favorite half-smile appeared on his mouth. I wanted to live in it. "How long do you want me?"  he asked.
How long can I have you? I thought.

"What do I sound like?" I asked, more breathily than  intended. God, so predictable.
He considered his answer for a moment before he gave it. "Dissonant," he said finally.
Another long pause. "Unstable."
He should his head. Not the way you're thinking," he said, and the shadow of a smile on his lips. "In music, consonant chords are points of arrival. Rest. There's no tension," he tried to explain. Most pop music hooks are consonant, which is why most people like them. They're catchy but interchangeable. Boring. Dissonant intervals, however, are full of tension," he said, holding my gaze. "You can't predict which way they're going to go. It makes limited people uncomfortable--frustrated, because they don't understand the point, and people hate what they don't understand, But the ones who get it," he said, lifting a hand to my face, "find it fascinating. Beautiful." He traced the shape of my mouth with his thumb. "Like you."

"Never mind what I want." his voice was quieter, now. "What do you want?"
"You." Always you.
"You have me," he said, his eyes meeting mine. You inhabit me." His face was stone but the words issued from his lips in a plea. "You want to know what I want? I want you to be the one wanting me first. Pushing me first. Kissing me first. Don't be careful with me," he said. "Because I won't be careful with you."

"If i were to live a thousand years, I would belong to you for all of them. If we were to live a thousand lives, I would want to make you mine in each one."


  1. LOVED LOVED LOVED The evolution of Mara Dyer!! <3 <3 And Noah <3 <3 I want a guy like him. He is perfect. Absolutely perfect <3 <3

  2. I'm actually reading the first book at the moment and I can totally understand why Noah Shaw is swoon worthy, he is definitely perfect in many ways!

    My Book Boyfriend

  3. I remember fan girl squeeeeeing over Noah when I read the first book too, I didn't even realise the second book was out! Epic fail on my part!!


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