Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Book Boyfriend: Graves

My Book Boyfriend is a (super duper fun) meme hosted by Missie over at the Unread Reader. Basically, you just give the stats of your current literary crush along with some swoonworthy quotes. If you want, go check out her introductory post here

This week, the book boy I am in love with is Graves from the Strange Angels series. I recently just got the last book in the series and am so super psyched because literally, the love triangle in this series is so freaking unpredictable! I would think Dru would end up with one guy but then BAM! There's a Moment with another guy. Personally, I'm a total Graves fan, not that Christophe doesn't have his swoonworthy moments, but Graves...
  • is super sweet to Dru--he never abandoned her even when she got him into some dangerous situations
  •  has had a hard life. Really. The boy was living in the mall when Dru first meets him
  • is half asian--with piercing green eyes
  • is a loup-garou
  • starts off kind of "wimpy" at the beginning, but you get to see him grow stronger with each book
  • always wears his signature black duster
  • is pretty funny, in my opinion
  • is, to put it simply, a super dependable rock :)
“Graves scooched a little closer to me, and I didn't even think about it. I put my arms around him and hugged. I didn't care if it hurt my arm and my ribs and my neck and pretty much every other part of me, my heart most of all. When you're wrecked, that's the only thing to do, right? Hold onto whatever you can. Hold on hard.” 

Dru: "Thanks."
Graves: "No problem. First one’s free."

Dru: You should wear some gloves.
Graves: Ruins the image.
Dru: You’ll goddamn well freeze to death.
Graves: Hey, we’ve got to suffer for beauty. Chicks don’t go for guys in gloves.

“You've got a better chance with me, Dru. Don't do something stupid again. If something happens, it's you and me against the world. Got it?”

“The only one," he murmured. His chin dipped a little bit. "You know that, Dru? You're the only person who's ever believed in me. You know what that'll do to a guy?"
"It makes him want to live up to it.”


  1. Oh, looks like you found the perfect picture to match Graves.

    Guys with hard lives always have the best stories. I love the sound of Graves being so sweet despite the hardships he's faced.

  2. I had trouble finding pictures to match my guy this week too. I haven't read this series but now I am really interested! Although I HATE love triangles! They are so killer! Graves sounds very sweet. I love a sweet guy.

  3. Oh my, the sweetness and sexiness here practically leaped at me. I have to start this series at some point. My hesitation probably comes from the ending I've been hearing rumors about.

    Have an amazing reading week!

    - Asher (from Paranormal Indulgence)

  4. Thanks! I definitely recommend this series! the heroine is so strong and kickbutt and I personally thought the ending was great!


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